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Product Code: 696550


The original Udder Singe is designed to help dairymen groom cows for milking and eliminate clipping. Anyone who has ever milked cows knows that milking is cleaner and easier working with short hair on their udders. By eliminating long hair, there is less accumulation of dirt and manure. You use less water and increase overall sanitation thus making teat dip is more effective. With less water to dispose of your dairy becomes more environmentally friendly. Singeing reduces environmental and sub-clinical mastitis, bacteria and Somatic Cell Counts. It also helps control Johne's disease in new born calves. With the short hair there is less dirt and manure accumulation for the new born calves to ingest. Shocking as it sounds, the cow never knows there is work being done on her because of the low temperature of the flame and the quick pass of the wand. Healthy cows with clean healthy udders produce premium-paying quality milk. The adapter included is for a 1lb propane tank. Comes with carry bag to hold a 1 lb. propane gas tank (propane not included).

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