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MS AutoHoofClean package robot, includes one MS AutoHoofClean Mat Felt at 80x40x3 inches and 6x20kg of MS Hoof Clean. MS AutoHoofClean is not included. AutoHoofClean is automatic, effortless, and a good way of disinfecting and caring for hooves. Tackle your hoof problems with continuous hygiene and care. The AutoHoofClean system consists of a mat filled with disinfection and conditoning products, an automatic pump, and a computer for control. The mats are placed at the exits of the milking system so that cows walk over the mat after each milking as they walk back to the group. This happens 3-6 times a day depending on your milking system. The mat is connected to an automatic pump that ensures the mat is always properly filled to ensure a proper ‘flushing effect’ of the hooves.

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