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Product Code: 913315

The Hudson Valve’s unique design maintains fluid levels in tanks and troughs with an exceptional patented float system. Fluid level forces the float to rise and close the diaphragm chamber which expands to stop incoming flow. Unlike common ball float valves, the Hudson Valve does not constrict the flow prior to positive shut-off. Valve body parts are made of durable glass-filled nylon, vented to eliminate siphoning. Shut-off pad is made of rubber. Other internal parts are ABS plastic and stainless steel. Hudson Valves are resistant to freezing and are guaranteed for two years under normal water control circumstances. The Hudson Anti-Siphon Valve is for low pressure or gravity systems. 0-140 PSI. The smaller valve has a 1/2” female thread, is 5” high with 3” diameter. The larger valve has a 1” female thread, is 5” high with a 3.75” diameter.

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